Can anyone tell me how I persuade ConsoleOne to ignore the crlDistribution

When I try to validate my Microsoft trusted root object I get invalid,
Cannot Read Certificate Revocation List

I can get to the crl using a browser using the URL specified??



<> wrote in message
> Anyone out there have any hints for using a GeoTrust cert on NetWare 6.5
> sp1?
> I have used Geotrust certs on previous version of eDir/NetWare with no
> issues, but my newest cert is comming up invalid because it cannot find
> the crldistribution point listed in the trusted root of my cert (when you
> press validate in consoleone). The crldistribution point for the trusted
> root is entered as a directory name. In the sniffer trace, I can see it
> trying to find the crldistribution point in NDS.
> I asked geotrust about the problem and they basically say the
> crlDistribution point in the trusted root should be ignored because its a
> self signed cert that can never be revoked. The server cert has a crl in
> it that is a http address. That appears to be correct and working.
> The exported cert and trusted root both load up and show as valid when you
> use IE to look at them.