OS: Netware 6.5 SP4

I've found an issue with our DDNS service. It seems that records are being
updated with the ip assigned, but the old ip's are not being deleted from
the record. As a result, i've found multiple workstations with multiple ip
addresses. And the scary part is that if I ping that workstation name, it
will come back with a different ip then the one thats assigned. Not good.

Any ideas? Im pretty sure that the setup is correct. Im using Dynamic
BOOTP and DHCP for my range type. DNS Update option is set to Always
Update. And DNS Zone for Dynamic Update is set to the correct zone.

Not sure how long this has been happening. I havent had the need to check
this in quite some time. We went from 6 to 6.5 SP3 back in July and just
recently added SP4