I am trying to setup contextless login in our tree which has an O
container for each school under the tree root; there will be 13 containers
in all. I was thinking I'd put each container in the Context Search Scope
list (Client Properties, LDAP Contextless Login tab, select the tree, then
Properties...) so I could specify which container to search first but I am
only permitted to put 10 entries in here. I could just not use the
Context Search Scope but then users towards the bottom of the tree will
take longer to find, correct?

Is there a better way to set this up so that users at their local site
don't have to wait long for their object to be found?

This is how our tree is laid out:

- Tree Root
- O container (school abc)
- OU container
- objects
- O container (school def)
- OU container
- objects
- O container (school ghi)
- OU container
- objects