First off im not sure if this is the right place for this or not, if not im
sorry. Here is my problem I have a group in the O of my tree and I have
users in lower OU's that have to be a member of it. example

(hope this diagram comes out ok)
So I am able to make the users a member of the group however I want to use
the fact that they are a member of the group to make a batch file run when
they log in using the login script. So I put in the login script


But when the user logs in the script doesnt see that they are a member of
the group. So my next step was to create an alias in the OU with the user
and that didnt solve the problem either. This has me stumped and I cant
figure out how to get around this. I want to have only one group so that I
dont have a butt load of sub groups to manage.

Any help would be great