Hi All --

We're having a problem getting our software to work on machines with Novell
NetWare 6 installed. During our program's startup, we use RegOpenKeyEx to
check for the presence of certain registry keys. On machines with Novell,
this call fails when running as a power user, but succeeds when running as
an administrator.

The real root of the problem is that we're passing the registry subkey with
a leading slash (i.e. "\SOFTWARE\key" instead of "SOFTWARE\key"). The call
works when we remove this leading slash. However, this is not a real
solution for the users running the current version of our software.

The reason I'm asking here is that the call works fine on every machine
that does not have NetWare (Windows 2000 and Windows XP), every failure
we've had occurs on machines with NetWare, but only when running as a
windows "Power User". Does anyone have any ideas (or any pointers to other
places to look -- web and newsgroup searches haven't turned anything up).

T.J. Boberek