After reading another thread regarding the use of underscores in a server
name, is it going to cause me big problems if I am doing this?

I have four servers. One has no underscore, but the other three have them as


Everything seems to work fine and has been for a long time. However, what
issues do you expect me to have, and if it is best to change the names, what
do I need to do apart from change the name in the autoexec.ncf? In August
this year, I went live with these four servers which are V6.5. I was using
two version 4.11 servers (server01 and serv_tech) and that didn't appear to
cause me issues either. These servers are not doing anything fancy other
than basic file and print and storing technical and user data files. I am
using TCP/IP and IPX now however, whereas before I was using only IPX.

Thanks a lot.