We are using Novell 6 with SP5 and Zen 4.1
We are using XP pro with sp2 on our workstations. We just add the SP2 last summer. After
putting the SP2 on I started running into computers that could not find the tree so I would go
into my network places and change the IP address so it would be done by DHCP and the
computer would than log on I could than go back in and put in the stadic address which is on a
different subnet from the server and the computer would work fine than. This lead to my next
problem. I have come across about 5 different workstations that when I checked the network
places it was blank and I would get a windows error message about not being able to load a null
file...... I would have to reload windows to correct problem. The thing is that the problem
comes back. I have one laptop that I have reloaded 3 times and each time something by the time
I load novell and zen4 and all other software the problem is right back.... The last reload it work
fine until I tried to log in and the wireless card was to far from the Access point and I thought
that was what caused the no tree message but I move well with in range of the AP and I still
couldn't do it so I than check My network places and sure enough it was blank........