Hi Everyone,

We have a login issue that is causing much angst. We are a school and have
multiple people logging into machines all day. Issue happens only every now
and then but can be reproduced by changing to static IP and then back again.

2 Novell 6.5 SP3 Servers
Novell Client 4.91 SP1
Using Novell DHCP for SLP,etc
SLP using both machines as DA
SLA (MLA) License
New fast workstations all XPSP2

Here are the symptoms:
* At user login connection to only one server, not authenticated to other
server ie no mapped drives etc. Always the same server not connected.
* At other times cannot find tree error at login although this is very rare.
* Seems to happen less if the machine starts up fully before user logs on
* DHCP can be really slow dishing out addresses when using ghost, had to set
a delay. No DHCP errors at server.
* SLPinfo seems to show all the correct settings being pushed out.
* Seems to happen on some machines more than others and once it starts may
require multiple restarts to get a good login.
* Makes no difference if 1 user or 350 users are connected.

It's not bringing us to our knees just yet but it's really frustrating the
hell out of us.
I feel there are issues with DHCP as ghost is only using that service and
things are slow but I don't know where to start.
Others have suggested licensing as a possible source, not sure where to
start here as it seems to work so well most off the time and doesn't relate
to the number of users.

Any suggestions of where the root of the problem might lie would be greatly

Peter and the team at KHS