I'm running a few Netware 6.5 SP3 servers and one OES Linux Server. Every
once in a while the Netware servers' hard drives will run out of hard drive
space. When that happens every Windows user running the Netware client gets
a Netware Message Popup alerting them to this problem. This just causes
confusion. There are only a few people who need this info: the people in
the IT department. From reading previous posts I've found the spot on the
Netware client where you can configure receive broadcast messages (client
properties->advanced settings->receive broadcast messages). The three
settings are all, from servers, and none. Is there some way to configure it
on the server end so only certain users get these messages but all users
will get other messages, such as when I send out a message from the Netware
server itself alerting the users to an impending reboot?