We have Netware 6.0 installed using pre migration mode and then had
netware 4.1 migrated via migration wizard 6.0
It is running OK and users are getting connected fine. No error message is
displayed on console monitor, but every few minutes following is logged in

Severity=1 Locus = 14 Class = 2
POLICY MANAGER - (5.00-099): Unable to request a connection license unit
because a server base license unit has not been obtained. Verify that a
server base license is installed and that license units are available for

Severity=1 Locus = 14 Class = 2
POLICY MANAGER - (5.00-014): COnnection 20 is using a grace connetion to
server SERVER because no licenses were installed or available. Install a
connection license

Severity=1 Locus = 14 Class = 2
POLICY MANAGER - (5.00-023): Server was unable to obtain a server base
license unit. Operation will continue. COntact your network administrator.
Ensure that licenseing units are ab\vailable and verify NLS operation
Error # C000102

License were installed using NWADMIN32 - tools - install license.
Running license reports under tools shows 250 license installed and 0 in
use (when console monitor shows 122 connections)

Double clicking Novell license 6 + 600 container in NWADMIN32 shows 10
units of 25 user license certificate.

Right click certificate and detail shows assiged to the server under
assignment tab.

Any idea what is going on, even though users have been able to logon and
use file and print services without any problems so far ?

Thanks in advance for any help in resolving the issue.