I am trying to limit my NSS consumption on an SP4a 4gb-ram server. This
server is just a huge ldap/IDM server so I have no data on it really. I do
run nsure audit so I have some mysql files.

I am a bit confused on what I need to. Do I and/or:

1) drop FCS to the minimum 1gb
2) mess with NSS cache balance--this is only if I have traditional right?
3) hard-code NSS memory---is this done with minbuffersize?

The issue I am having is on this 4gb server I am still getting logical
memory errors. I dropped user space down to 700mg and hard-coded a 1gb dib
cache. I cant imagine IDM/java taking that much. So I can only surmise nss
is sucking it all up somehow?

Currently I have FCS to the minimum and dropped Cache balance to 70%. I
still get these messages though. Also I turned off TSAFS caching. But I
think the problem may be coming from TSANDS which is backing up a rather
large dib. So any help?