The service is the DirXML engine. We have scripts that use the DirXML
service to perform user provisioning, but when the service stops, we get no
notification. I'm looking for a way to identify when the service stops &
starts, so we can have notifications of those events. We batch user
functions, and when the service is not running during those batches, some
functions outside the eDirectory tree complete, but user provisioning does
not, so we end up with unsynchronized systems. If I knew when the service
went down I could work to bring it back up before the batch processes kick

Also, what is taskmaster?


-- Geoff

"Andy Thompson (SysOp)" <> wrote in message
> Geoff K. wrote:
>> We have a key Java-based DirXML service that is running on one of our
>> NW6.5 servers. When it goes down (which happens from time to time) there
>> are key business processes that do not happen, but there is no
>> notification of the fact that the service has gone down. When I go in
>> through Remote Manager, I can show Application Details for "Running Java
>> Applications", and under Java Application Information I see "Application
>> Health: Active" displayed on that screen. What I would like to do is
>> this: I want to find that parameter somewhere and script a test around
>> it, so if the status is not active then I can generate a message either
>> via email or pager or whatever method we choose. The notification method
>> is not as important to me as finding a parameter like this around which
>> to build a script.

> Did you write this service? Might be easier to approach it from that
> angle and build notification into the service.
> Or you might be able to do something with taskmaster in conjunction with
> the java -show console command.
> -andy