I am running NetWare 6.5 SP2 and the script interpreter for NetWare
5.8.0. I am trying to write some simple scripts to check file
information and have a problem...my "if" statement is not functioning the
way that I expect (I'm new to Perl and in the process of reading/doing
small projects, etc.).

I originally was running a script to look at various configuration files
on a server running DOSFAT and was not experiencing a problem, but was
not checking for file existence as the file was the standard startup.ncf
which exists on all of our servers. However, when I ran it against a
server without DOSFAT, it errored out and ended the script. To
troubleshoot the problem, I created a small script to attempt to check to
see if the interpreter could see the file.

I have attempted this with/without DOSFAT loaded but still have the issue.

The results of the script below are:

file exists
Cannot find startup file

Which means that the test to see if the file exists is true, but it
cannot subsequently open the file handle. Here is the script:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;

# Get c:nwserver\startup.ncf

if ( -e "c:\\nwserver\\startup.ncf") {
print "file exists\n";
open(STARTUP, "c:\\nwserver\\startup.ncf") || die "Cannot find
startup file\n";
close STARTUP;
else {
print "file does not exist\n";

What am I overlooking?

Thank you,