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>Is there a documented list of which eDir property rights are needed for
>certain Helpdesk tasks? We need to be able to let our helpdesk do
>things like the following in C1, WITHOUT them getting "S" on the
>server, which is in the same container as the users in the remote
>1.) Associate/disassociate zen apps

Dunno. Consult the ZFD documentation, or its support forum, for details.

>2.) Group Memebership


aka TID 10064960

>3.) Password admin

You'll find this in the knowledgebase with rights to the "password management"
attribute. Feature introduced, IIRC, in NetWare 5.0.


aka TID 10015319

>4.) Intruder lockout

There are a couple of attributes involved here. You'll either have to research
them, or just test it and see what works.

>5.) GroupWise: add user, change PW, add to Dist List, etc.

Dunno. Good luck. GroupWise doesn't do delegated administration easily. Check
with the GW support forum for details, maybe.

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