This one is driving everyone batty.

A user with Supervisor rights to a directory object can not create files
on that object. Viewing effective rights for

the user indicates they have the full range of rights (S,r,w,c,e,m,fs,ac)
to the object but when interacting with the

object they can only view files, and open them.

So yes, they also can not erase, modify, or change access rights for
others but for now it is the creation of files

that is the critical problem.

Here is an enumeration of the machines, the user involved, and their

Location A:
Server X - Novell 6.5 server which contains the directory object,
patched to NW6.5 Support Pack 4a.
Server Y - Novell 4.11 server which user also has rights to, patched to
Support Pack 9.

Location B:
Server Z - Novell 4.11 server to which the user first connects and
authenticates through, patched to Support Pack

User Jimbo - Physically at location B, set up as a Supervisor/Admin

Location A and B are direct connected via dedicated T1 router connection.

User Jimbo and Server B are connected thusly. User Jimbo -> switch ->
Server Z -> router -> switch -> Server X.

Things attempted that did not fix the problem:

Deleting and recreating the user Jimbo account.

Making the user Jimbo account Admin.

Installing all available patches on servers X,Y,Z.

Running DSrepair.

Confirming that time sync is accurate between all servers.

Searching the web for others with similar problems.

Hiding in the server room.

Thank you