Hello folks. Everyone ready for Santi-Claus? Maybe he might be able to help me with this one.

Customer site, NW65OES SP4a. Every so often we do a DS repair and it comes up with invalid reference to object and refers to a couple specific license files. (existing) and says deleting the object. I checked all of the license files and they all seem fine or so I thought in Imanger. But checking in NwAdmin32 I noticed on all of the servers license objects the following line at the bottom of the screen.

The certificate tag with ID number 81 is unknown to nls.

I ran setupnls on both of their servers (just a whim) and ran Dsrepair. This time no error. However the noted line above still appears in the license files in nwadmin32. Is this an issue? How do I go about figuring out what is wrong?

thanks for you input.

Martin Stepanek