We are in the process of migrating to new hardware and at the same time, moving to a new tree. So far, the biggest pain in this migration is the data migration, but I don't think it should be as painful as we are seeing.

During our last replacement, we had 120-130 GB of data to migrate from a NW 6.0 SP4 server to a brand new NW 6.0 SP5 server. We connected the old server (10/100 NIC), the new server (gigabit NIC), and our admin PC (gigabit NIC) to a Linksys gigabit switch to help speeds. We averaged just over 1.2 GB per hour, which means the data migration took almost 6 days! There were no errors or warnings from the Server Consolidation Utility (version 4.0), so I'm not sure where we need to look to improve performance for future migrations.

Novell says you should see between 3-15 GB per hour, so seeing as how we were half of the worst test case, are there any ideas of what we should look at?

We unloaded all virus scanning and other non-essential services and we disabled logins for as long as we could (which based on period checks, did not speeds things up at all). Is there a recommendation on getting SMDR and TSAs to match before migrating? Can you even replace a TAS on SP4 with a newer one from SP5? Not sure if that would even help me out.

If there is more information needed, let me know. Thanks!

Ryan Sinnwell