I'm trying to get my SFTP script running on a SLES 9 server (Source) to
automatically authenticate to my NetWare 6.5 SP4a servers (Target).

I found some online documentation that states I need to run ssh-keygen -t
dsa on SLES 9 (which creates id_dsa.pub) and copy the file
to /.ssh/authorized_keys on my remote servers.

Well...NetWare has no SYS:etc/ssh/authorized_keys file. How do I get this
public key I've generated to work on the NetWare servers using

The whole purpose is to get my SFTP bash shell script to authenticate
without prompting for a user password. The script copies files from
multiple remote NetWare servers onto my SLES server. The script must be
fully automated, since it'll be running in the middle of the night.


P.S. - Already searched the Developer Forums and couldn't find a forum
where this would fit.