I have a netware 6.5sp4 server, traditional file system. I am noticing very low long term cache hits - stuck at about 48%. I also notice the LRU is sometimes just a matter of seconds, and often just around 2 minutes - then back down to seconds. I have 4G in this server.

I am specking out more ram for the server, but it seems as if these problems are possibly a result of some "tweaking" I did? Basically, I made 5 changes.
1. Applied service pack 4 (that has to be a good thing).
2. Since this is not nss, I changed the nss cachebalance to 30 from the default of 80
3. I changed maximum directory cache buffers from 2500 to 3500
4. I changed minimum directory cache buffers from 500 to 2500 because we were always maxed out at 2500 and the server is fairly highly utilized.

I also obtained some memory tests from Dell and they passed all tests.

Is there anything else I can do here besides adding memory?

Thank you.