Hi periodically we run a cron job over night to dismount and then remount a
volume when orphaned files exist, i.e. if Netware thinks a user account has
locked the files or if a user account is deleted and they have open files
at the time. We are unable to delete them getting the file is locked

The cron job simply as DISMOUNT VOL1 and then 2 minutes later a second
job is run to MOUNT the volume. However, sometime this dismount sits and
waits for a admin response to the

*** Warning there are active open files on volx ***
Dismount Volume ?

I'm guessing that there is a timeout on this command as it puts 'n' are the
response of left for two long?

Is there a way to force a 'y es' instead?

I know the dangers of doing this, but it's the only get out in this
situation other
than rebooting the server.....

Enviro : Netware 6 with sp5, server and client side caching is off btw...

Sorry a bit long winded !!
Regards Paul.