Why is it iManager is so flakey?!

I tend to get varying issues, but for instance today from one machine, when
selecting volumes then browsing (magnifying glass) I see a pop up error at
the bottom of Internet Explorer. If I press CTRL key whilst selecting, it
makes no difference. I do not have any pop-up blockers working in the
toolbar etc. From another machine, I can get the pop-up to show, but when I
click on the server, select the volume, then quotas and look at the users I
have assigned quotas to, sometimes I don't see any, and other times I see
only some but some are missing. If I look at All Users, they are all there.
I have tried to get in the habit of using Console One to assign volume
restrictions, but old habits die hard.

I am on NW 6.5 SP4, plan to go to SP4a at the weekend.

In a nutshell, I seem to get various different issues from different
workstations at different times, depending on the weather. Well that's how
it seems!