NW65sp4, eDir8.7.3.7, Client4.91, Win2k workstations.

Two questions,

Last two times when I have attempted to salvage files, it has crash the
server. The error reflects something like Error reading FATFS. So I tend
to go to my backup tapes to retreive files. Is there any reason why the
server would crash when just simply salvaging a deleted file?

If I have space restrictions set on all my users for a particular volume
and that quota sum of all users is greater than the total space on the
volume, will that create issues like users not being able to save/write to
the server volume? By virtual of the quota, does the server allocate the
quota for the users even if the space is actually not being used, in turn
causing possible "not enough space" errors?

Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance.