I am wondering if this is possible with Netware 6.5 using trustee.nlm.

I have a couple servers I copy files to using rsync. In the process of
course trustee rights do not get copied. I am wondering if it would be
possible to restore trustee rights to the directory on this other server
after te fact using trustee.nlm?

These 2 servers are in different containers, but are in the same tree.


server1.higherlevelOU.anotherhigherlevelOU.tree\sy s:\users\user1\files.doc
server2.differentOU.anotherhigherlevelOU.tree\vol2 :\servername\users\user1\files.doc

Users will not access these files directly on server2, so maybe I am
over-analyzing this. If I just save the trustees to a file, if I need
restoring them later, that wont be too bad. I just want to be thorough.