I'm running NW6.0 sp5 with NAT already running and configured with 3 entries
mapping public IP's to internal private IP addresses. Everything is working
fine but when I tried to enter a new entry, it doesn't appear to be
performing NAT at all for this new IP address.
All the public IP addresses are from a single subnet and the private IP
addresses are as well. Routing is OK.
This is running BM 3.0 as well, so i unloaded IPFLT and FILTSRV and tried to
ping the new public IP address entered in for NAT and got nothing. I tried
mapping to several private IP addresses and pinging with the firewall down
and get nothing. I do select to reinitialize system each time i make a
change and have rebooted the server but nothing is working.
NAT is set to use 'Dynamic and Static' and the pass thru is set to on.
Novell Doc's don't give NAT much attention and can't find anything on
troubleshooting NAT and Novell stopped support on 6.0.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.