Got a nw6.0spk5 server that has had severe crashing problems over the
last couple of days. Dell support has gone as far as they can go with
it, replacing most of the hardware, with the exception of the disks.
They say that there's nothing else indicating any hardware

Server will run for only a few minutes at best before locking up hard,
and/or abending. I suspect that the array is corrupt, and it runs ok
until something tries to access the bad data, then it locks.

anyway, we're restoring the data from its last full backup to another
volume on another server. I've moved all other network services to
other servers. (dns/dhcp, printing, etc..). We did a full backup w/
arcserve 9 the night before this started happening, but it wasn't done
with the "disaster recovery" option.

I will try a poolrebuild before giving up completely. (If I can get it
to run, I'd like to try and do either a disaster-recovery backup, or at
least an incremental, to get any other data that changed before the
crash). But if that doesn't work, and that data is lost, how do I get
back the server with its "edirectory" identity and so forth, back into
the tree?