Hi folks:

Netware 6.0 (NMAS 2.3.6, NICI 2.6.7, eDir
Client 4.91 SP2
Password Management for iManager 2.0.2

Some (not all) users are getting fffffa4c errors when trying to change
password after getting notified that their old one expired. So far, we've
been getting past it by either extending their expiration or turning off
expiration all together on their accounts. (For a while, it seemed that
rebuilding their user account helped, but that doesn't seem to work

The system allows them to change the password but errors out after it's

I can't find much on this, but what little there is seems to point to
either the NICI or perhaps SAS Service or certificates. We've reinstalled
NICI on both client and server and can't find anything wrong with

Any assistance or advice would be appreciated.