Hi Guys,

Can anyone recommend a sure fire backup disaster recover method for a four
Netware server (V6.5SP4) network?
I have given up trying to get Veritas (Symantec) Backup Exec to work
properly in this mode.

This is the one thing about Netware that has always worried me. With a
Windows platform it is really simple to create a complete Ghost image of an
installation and save it somewhere to be later accessed from a bootable CD.
One single operation and it's done. Trying to get Backup Exec's DR to work
is like trying to build a spaceship! And even then, I don't have the
confidence it will work properly on the day.

In the past (before I went live with the servers and I had time to
experiment) I once imaged each member of a RAID 5 array (using a dedicated
SCSI imaging machine, that images one drive to another block by block), I
then put the imaged drives in to a clone machine with the same RAID
controller and it worked. The whole server booted as if it were the

It would be really nice to be able to create one big image, or some other
kind of a "one stop shop" method of recovering a server should it get
completely corrupted or stop working. It seems crazy that I would need to
reinstall Netware, then the backup software before I could even think of
restoring from backup.

If anyone has any methods, preferences or recommendations I would appreciate
to hear from you.

Thanks. (Sorry this is so long, I like to try and explain things fully!:-))