I am in the process of patching my servers from 6.5.3 to 6.5.5 - I just
patch the master replica server first. I have ran two 18GB SCSI drives in
this server for about 4 years now and every time I patch my server I break
the mirror so I can have a good drive in case something goes wrong with
the patching. Everything thing went as expected in breaking the mirror and
making sure I have an exact copy of the drive i'm patching before I do (by
testing). Patch went fine. I blew away the netware partition on the 2nd
drive (not the patched drive) with fdisk (dos). Boot the machine, go into
remote manager > Partition Disks, I see the second Scsi device, dos
partition and free space that is LARGER than the original netware
partition by a few MB, but now I have no option to mirror in the free
space on the second device/second drive. In every other time I patch this
server with these SAME drives (Netware 6) there has been a mirroring
option in remote manager. Before that I used nwconfig (Netware 5).

These two drives are the exact same type, model and size with the exact
same size dos partition. The free space on the second drive has 2MB more
space than the netware 6.5.5 partition i'm trying to mirror from. I know
you can't have less free space but I actually have more so that shouldn't
be the problem.

Any ideas would be appreciated - RJM