I'm running ConsoleOne ver 1.3.5 on a Novell 6.0 sp3 server. I added a HD
to my raid wanting to expand one of my NSS Volumes...easy enough right?

Well upon getting into disk manager and in looking at my NSS volumes, I
clicked on the dropdown menu item of MEDIA and in an inadvertant click,
clicked the Delete button on the NSS Volumes main screen...

KABLAM! NSS VOlUME gone in 4 seconds! That SOB didn't ask me if I was
sure? Click okay to confirm? NOTHING!! So now I'm about to puke because
it removed my Groupwise data volume and we ALL know how important e-mail
is these days!

So I'm thinking...maybe it didn't really delete all my data, just the
reference on that partition and if I recreate it exactly like before I'll
be okay. About an hour later of trying to hunt down some support on this
issue, all I could find was that I was going to have to recreate and
restore from back up. Once again, a very stong feeling of puking came on.

Also take into effect that this is 1AM in the morning! So you think I can
find some external support for Novell...HA! Almost makes me want to
switch to the dark side (MS).

Okay, so here is my question, was there a way to recreate the NSS volume
easier? Also, why doesn't that stupid Delete option not ask you if you
are sure! Do I need an updated ConsoleOne version?