Hello folks, thanks in advance for your assistance. Little issue
here that I'm sure has a quick fix. I think in fact I've been here
once before a while back but seem to be missing something.

When connecting to NRM on a NW65sp4a box, I get the message that
the server certificate has expired. I then check logger screen
while loading tomcat and there is an ldap error with the message
try running pkidiag and tckeygen. So doing so it fixed the

Then I unloaded all tomcat and apache modules and reloaded, the
load error was gone and apache/tomcat loads fine. However when I
access NRM it still says the certificate has expired. What next?
I vaguely remember something about copying the certificate to the
apache or tomcat directory manually and restarting. Am I thinking
correctly on this one? If so where to copy? If not please advise.

Thanks a bunch.