This new patch broken seems to have broken the IE ftp non-anonymous
It is a good feature and IE has always been troublesome for that but now
it is broken all together and it states URL not found instead of access
denied issues.
NEW FEATURE: FTP Server can now optionally prompt for the anonymous
password even when anonymous access is disabled. This is useful when
using Internet Explorer (IE) as an FTP client. Previously, if anonymous
access was disabled, then when entering the URL: ftp://server, IE would
automatically attempt an anonymous login, which would immediately be
denied. Now, by prompting for a password first, IE will bring up a
dialog box which allows the user to specify both his name and password.
This is more user friendly for novice users who aren't familiar with
advance FTP URL syntax like ftp://username:password@server.

To control whether the password is requested for the anonymous user, set
ANONYMOUS_PASSWORD_REQUIRED=YES/NO (the default is YES). This parameter
has always existed in FTPSERV.CFG, but previously only had effect when

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