We have a large eDir Tree (NW 6.5, eDir 87.3.7) with users in over 50
different containers. I need to create two user groups that will be
used to sync accounts with our Help Desk's ticketing software (it is
eDir aware and syncs based on user groups). One group will contain our
technicians (any person who will be resoponsible for tickets). The
other group will contain everyone else.

The technician group is easy, the other not so much. Because we have
users spread out in so many containers I don't even know where to begin.
Is there a way easily put all users in a tree into a group? Better
yet, is there a way to create a dynamic group. One that automagically
puts all users not in group A into group B and vice versa?

If anyone as any bright ideas I'd really appreciate hearing them. Let
me know if there is more info that you need.