I have a usb hard drive plugged into a netware 6.5sp4 server.

In C1 v.1.3.6e, when I select the device tab of the server object, it said
that I have to use iManager and/or Nssmu to do it.

But NSSMU only recognises the device but its volume option do not has
function to create a traditional volume.

Running iManager 2.5, the usb hd (device) is listed in the device list box.
but it does not have the function to create a traditional volume.

As I select NEW button in the Traditional Volume page and when I put in a
new volume name, I have to choose the pool name from which the traditional
volume will be created. It only shows the nss pool names but the device
(usb hd) name is not displayed. Neither could I create a pool for the usb
hd as it is not nss but a traditional ide hard drive.

I am getting to no where. Any idea. How can I create a traditional volume
for this usb hard drive.