I have two more Intel NetExpress 10/100 print servers to install on the
network as NDPS printers exactly as the 4 we already have. Using the
standard NetExpress control software, they cannot be seen on our network,
and cannot be pinged.

Using a single PC with Win2K and the same software, they behave perfectly
normally, and I have set their properties as required, for example :
print server
> netport device ID PR41CA4D (hardware default)

Printer port info
> parallelport 1 : High speed
> bi-directional : disabled (there seems no way to enable this in the
> netport manager but it is enabled for our others)

TCP/IP protocol set manual
> IP address (our others are etc)
> Subnet mask
> Default gateway

Microsoft network printing
> domain WORKGROUP
> parallel port share name PASSTHROUGH

(hardware default, have also tried PR_LPT1)

In short, the properties (excepting bi-directional port) are the
same/similar to our others

I then go into DNSDHPC manager, and using the DHCP tab, have set
> assignment type manual
> client identifier all zeros
> MAC type 1 ethernet 10Mb
> MAC address 00:D0:B7:41:CA:4D (stamped on the print server case)
> hostname MANAGERS
> enable DNS RR entry updates ON
> Associated NBS object: managers_laser.printer.main

and in NWadmin I added an NDPS printer
> name managers_laser
> NDPS manager NW1_NDPSM
> Novell printer gateway SNMP
> host address
> printer name PASSTHROUGH

the printer manager loads, gives an error, and at that point the print
server cannot be pinged, in the netware printer control features are as
manually entered, status says 'LPR communication failed' and 'can not ping
printer', and no amount of stopping and restarting the agent makes any
difference, NOR did stopping the server to upgrade to SP5 !

The only thing I can think of is that something alse needs stopping and
restarting. Surely it is not just that no printer is attached to the print
server at the moment? What am I not doing?