I have a NW65 SP4a server with an NSS pool comprised of five volumes with
space provided by a SAN.

First issue:
In iManager, I do not see the NSS pool or its volumes on the Partition
Disks screen, only the partition is listed. If I click on the partition
link, I see the five volumes using that space.

On the server, using NSSMU, I can see the pool and the volumes.

Issue 2:
If I run load config and look at the output, the volumes appear with no
disk space quotas assigned.

If I look at the properties of the volumes in Explorer, it shows Total
space for some, and only Free space for others.

NSSMU shows the proper quotas for the volumes.

I am more concerned with not being able to see the pool in iManager and
manage it through that interface. Anyone have any insight?