not sure this is a client issue, so i'll start in this forum...

we're having weird connectivity issues lately -- primarily nw6.0 servers
with SP5, running various client versions/patches from 4.91 SP1 to SP2
(including some with post-service pack patch kits).

in any event, some users are starting to have problems connecting to
resources by specifying the server name - this affects drive mappings,
shortcuts, etc. example: a user had been able to access a server name
from the start\run prompt by typing the UNC name and the server; or, the
user could map a drive using the server_volume method.

now, in order to successfully map a drive, certain users must specify the
fully qualified eDirectory path (e.g.,

i have tried upgrading/downgrading clients, but there doesn't appear to
be a certain pattern here.

can someone explain how the server name is resolved (if not specifying a
DNS name) when using a UNC call, drive mapping, etc.? anybody else having
this issue?