Ready for this... I thought they were smoking something funny when they
told me about this. However, I assure you, unless they learned to do mass
hypnosis, this is really happening.

On a few machines, when logged in and you go into the users folders there
appears a folder for a user that when you click the folder from windows
explorer it will create a drive mapping using the next open letter. Then as
you click addition folders it will continue to create mapping till all
letters are used.

Here is what I find funny. As the Admin to the tree and server I can't see
the folder. Not in explorer, Console one, iManager, Remote Manager. In fact
I can and have created a folder with the same name in that very spot with
out a problem. Yet the original machines are still seeing the first folder
and still have this problem. The machines that couldn't see the folder the
first time around are just seeing the one I created.

We have NW6.5 sp4 on 5 servers with 4 holding replicas. The master is not
on the server where this problem folder resides. However the server has a
R/W replica. A volume check is clean, a sync check is normal, and virus
scans clean.

The workstations are WinXP and Win2000 with a short list of clients. Mostly
4.91 and 4.91 sp1. The Client version doesn't seem to follow this problem
so I'm assuming I can disregard the client's version.

This folder sits on a Traditional Volume and the server appears normal in
all aspects.

Looking for ideas on this. And yes, rest assure, once I know the cause and
fix I will report it back on here, even if it is something stupid I might
have done.