I'm trying to salvage files from a netware 6.5 sp4a file system, but
there appears to be a limitation on the length of characters comprising
the parent folder's path.

The full parent folder's path is like this:
\\svr2\users\D_KA\Share\Event Management Archives\IV. University\Student
Organization\Malaysian Student Organization\Malaysian Midwest Games

When I right-click the folder in Windows Explorer on my XP sp2
workstation (running nt client 4.91 sp2) and choose either Salvage or
Purge, I get this error:

"You do not have sufficient rights to perform this operation."

I have admin equivalency. I found that if I shorten the name of the last
folder in the path to "Malaysian Mi", the error goes away.

Are there plans to address this?

Thanks in advance for your help.