I'm searching for replacements for the rather aging tools ndir.exe and
flag.exe . Though both are still part of a NetWare distribution, they
are still 16-Bit apps (windows shell has to switch to 80x25 and clears
scrollback buffer) and only "see" 8.3 names (*very* inconvenient), not
to mention a few strange kinks of syntax or behaviour.

So far I have only found whodidit from jrbutils (displays owners and
NetWare attributes). But it can't display the version of an NLM or
Novell EXE (ndir /ver).

I have found nothing so far. Windows attrib will only set/delete
standard attributes, not the extended NetWare ones.

Any help would be apreciated. And just to be clear: A windows tool is
*not* a replacement for a command line tool (i do know about the
explorer extensions). Sometimes you need a cmd tool, for example for