Our original server runs 5.1, three newer servers run 6.5, all in the
same tree.

I have gotten things to the point where the 5.1 server is turned off and
the only annoyance is that the other servers keep putting up a message
every 45 minutes or so about not being able to find the old server.

Since I don't know if I'm completely through having the old server in my
tree just yet, I'd like to know:

1. How to suppress the checking and/or the messages on the server
consoles temporarily.

2. How to best remove the server from the tree entirely when that time

Our plan is to work on the hardware a bit then use the same box to
install 6.5, and at that point I don't care if we use the old server
name or the new one.

Many thanks in advance for guidance on this one.