since I must implement the VLAN, I must load the module ians.
Through inetcfg I have not succeeded to make it and then I have made all
the change into autoexec.ncf manually.
And I have REM the line sys:etc\initsys.ncf

Now every time that I must enter inetcfg marks me it error.
What must make in order to insert the change through inetcfg correctly?
And So I can replace the orginal file autoexec.ncf.

into autoexec.ncf there are these commands:

load tcpip
load e1000.lan slot=3 frame=ethernet_II name=e1000_1_II
load ians vlanid=3 frame=ethernet_II name=VL1 team=1
load ians vlanid=2 frame=ethernet_II name=VL2 team=1
bind ians e1000_1_II team=1
load ians commit
bind ip VL1 addr= mask=
bind ip VL2 addr= mask=

how I make insert them through inetcfg?
I hope of to have been enough clear