Two days ago my server had problems during backup at the end of the
backup cycle. Veritas reported that a number of files were "corrupt on
media". Then it said that backup exec had SMS errors and could not
scan for trustees in a number of datasets.

Since then I have had one night where the server has crashed and backup
exec's final step was the start of backing up the server's file system.
I'm running NW 6.5 Service Pack 03, with edirectory and NDS

The next night (last night/this morning) it seems to have backed up the
file system (I get a report of "Finishing backup of volume
CJC-001.Netware File System..." and a "backup set ended") but the
process ended there, and the server still crashed. It didn't go on to
do the Tree/Schema and do it's verify.

Unfortunately I'm not getting much in the way of error messages that
are helping me determine what is going wrong (other than that big batch
of errors in backup exec a few days ago, which have not returned).
This morning on the server, I saw this:

20444(beastTree.c[2109])) at block 0 compromised volume integrity

which worries me quite a bit. But when I check the SYS$LOG.ERR I don't
really see anything else that suggests what is going wrong.

>From what I've looked up, it looks like a poolverify might be in the

cards, but I'm not sure. And if it is, I assume I'll have to send it
to Netware service to have it checked, unless it is possible that I can
read it myself.

I'm a bit lost here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Every day
I go without a decent backup is a little more worrysome, plus I'm not
enjoying having the server down every morning. My other NW 6.5 machine
is running just fine, though, unfortunately, it is not the important

Thanks in advance for any and all help!