I am new to this forum and after searching cannot find anything
obvious so I thought I'd post this.

I have recently taken over the administration of a group of about 10
Netware 6.5 SP5 servers - all HP hardware of varying models.

I was noticing that a number of the servers lose time synchronisation
quite often - I monitor them via BigBrother. They come back after a
short interval of between 30-240 seconds. The servers were all using
TIMESYNC to one single server.

I'm mainly a Unix sysadmin and would prefer them to use NTP - I'm
more comfortable with it and understand its inner workings better.

I have changed most of my servers over. Indeed, of the 3 that were
having intermittent problems keeping their synchronisation using
TIMESYNC two are now quite happy.

However, one server still keeps losing synchronisation almost exactly
every 30 minutes. I regains synchronisation almost exactly 3min 12sec
later and the step correction is between 8 and 11 seconds.

I really have no idea if this is software or hardwae related.

Any thoughts. And thanks in advance for any pointers.

Stephen M