This is a repost of the "certificate problem" thread that started on
5/25. I thought I had tamed this beast, but apparently not. I have a
supervisor account that is getting locked out once or twice a day for no
apparent reason. I am also getting an ldap error when I try to view
password policy assignments - "NMAS ldap transport error". I'm wondering
if the 2 issues are related.

I installed OES Netware SP2 using this account 2 weeks ago and first
noticed the failed login problem 3 days after that, so I don't know if
that was a factor or not. I've used the same account for previous
updates, and did not change the password at that time. I ran a dstrace
per TID 10091939, but the ldap extensions look fine. PKIDIAG and SDIDIAG
show no problems. Any thoughts?