If I use this type of ftp url in my wegt command it fails on NetWare
6.5sp5 OES and #wget version 1.9.1:
wget -m ftp://user:password@server/../../../...older1/folder2

If I use the same command line on my Redhat box, wget 1.10.2 it works.
I also just tried this with wget -V 1.8.2 on Windows , the same problem

So I updated the Windows wget -V 1.10.1 it fixes the problem.
I hope this WGET site is still alive for NetWare?
I hope you can port wget 1.10.2 soon to NetWare OES 6.5, as I am in a
jam. I think wget 1.10.x has this fix as it worked with Windows and Redhat.
Any ideas or workarounds?