We have several users that are getting the following message when they
try to open e-mail "File C:\Docume~1\user\Locals~1\Temp\US02MLS1.VEW is
not a view desciption file" Its not on every e-mail. It may not even
happen twice on the same e-mail. They may only get it once a day and
then they get it ten time the next day. The solution they have now is
closing the e-mail and re-opening it. We have some people in high
positions that this is unacceptible to. If any one has any ideas it
would be great. We have groupwise 6.5.4 installed. I have tried copying
the US02MLS1.vew file from a machine that never gets the errors to one
that does. I have updated a client machine to 6.5.6 and still get the
message. It seems to get worse in the afternoons. Any help would be