I am trying to create and export a user certificate to use for an email
client. I followed the instructions in the Cert Server admin guide for
creating the cert using ConsoleOne and that seemed to work OK. It
created a certificate that I can see in the "Security" tab for the User
object. When I try to export the cert and key to the user's PC, I get
the following Key Extract error:

"There was an error trying to establish the tree name for the private
key and certificate APIs. The error code is: -1,261
The key failed."

I get the same error whether I try to export with or without the private

I also cannot find a way to delete this test certificate on the user tab
since there is no "Delete" button on the tab in my ConsoleOne.
I am running console 1.3.6d on NW6.5SP3 server with Certificate Server

Thanks for any help!