General NDS Tree setup:

OU = state containers
OU = site containers

In general, each site container holds 1 Novell 6.5 SP5 server.

For this example the state container is HW.

There are 15 site containers below the HW state container.

The HW IT group has always managed the HW state container, with full rights to the HW NDS structure and the servers' file systems. There is a requirement now to remove all NDS and File System rights to just one site container 'HC' within the HW state container from the HW IT group. HW IT does give certain rights to the HW container so that they will flow down, so we need the flow to not happen at the HC container. Also, RBS Roles have been given to a particular NDS group at the HW state level for the RBS Scope.

There are ids higher in the Tree at the Corporate level that we can give explicit assignments to if it involves an IRM modification.

What is the easiest way to block the HW IT people from having any access to this one site container within the state container, as well as the HC container's Novell server's file system and RBS system?

Thanks - April