I'm having some script issues and need assistance/advice.

1. If I try to map a drive to a server in a different OU using example a) the user gets a 8804 error. However, if I change the map command using example b) they are mapped successfully.

a) MAP ROOT G:\Server_VOL1:\DirectoryLocation\DirectoryLocatio n

b) MAP ROOT G:\Server\VOL1:DirectoryLocation\DirectoryLocation

Any ideas????

2. I use the EXIT command in various "Script Profiles". Does this command cause the user to exit further script execution at all levels or only with in the current script object. For example, say the user starts off in the OU script. Within this script I use an "Include" command that references a "Script Profile". In the profile script, I use a IF THEN . . .END test to determine if the user meets the requirements of the "Script Profiles. Within the IF THEN . . .END section there is an EXIT command (just before the END statement).

Does this EXIT command end further execution of the original OU script or any other "Script Profiles"?