OES Netware, out of the box, no additional Patches. With Groupwise 6.5 sp
4, Gwia and Webaccess. Ifolder 2.1 working perfectly

I have VO running ok on OES Netware. It seems to have some forme of
authentication problem.When a User logs in, an error appears in
eGuide, "Error: Authentication failed: improper configuration. Please
contact your adminstrator." I also get "Please Check Username and
Password" in the Email section, and if I go to Net stosage I
get "NetStorage getData:IOException
URL = https://www.colliecomputing.com:443/oneNet/xtier-login"
Although there are all these messages, the user can still post messages,
and basically use VO apart from the areas mentioned

From what I've read it seems as if there's a problem with the
certificates. I'm just wary about changing them and damaging the
Groupwise too.

Does anyone have any suggestions or TIDs to point me to?